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Liberty Lions Club

Lions White Cane Day March 28

Lions International and local Lions Clubs will be observing White Cane Day March 28 and raising funds for education, sight restoration and conservation projects.

If you see a Lions White Cane Day donation can in a local business, please take a moment to consider donating.

Throughout the world, the long white cane is used by people who are blind or visually impaired as a tool for safe and reliable navigation.  The white cane is a symbol of the user's skills and talents, mobility and independence.  It also allows the sighted person to recognize that the user is visually impaired.

The white cane was initially developed and put into use as a measure of safety, especially in traffic situations.  Sufficient training with an Orientation and Mobility specialist can aid in successful cane use, technique and safety.   Several countries have traffic laws designed to protect the person using the white cane.   The "VisionAware" section of the American Foundation for the Blind's website illustrates several types of white canes that are internationally recognized.  Sometimes the white cane has a red band or strip for the purpose of contrast.

White Cane Day, March 28, gives Lions an opportunity to increase awareness of the white cane traffic safety laws.  According to the World Blind Union, which is a global organization representing the 285 million blind or partially sighted people worldwide, "White Cane Day is observed worldwide to recognize the movement of blind people from dependency to full participation in society."

- See more at: http://members.lionsclubs.org/EN/events/white-cane-safety-day.php#sthash.clgEycjL.dpuf

To learn more about White Cane Days, stop by The Vindicator's Jubilee table March 27-28 on the downtown square in Liberty.


Campisi on ‘Relay for Life’ in support of her good friend Sherry Mettlen

Bonnie Campisi, of Texas Fish & Wildlife, spoke to the Liberty Lions Mon., March 2 about her favorite community service program, The American Cancer Society's 'Relay for Life'. Both her parents are cancer survivors. Her mother has had cancer twice. Bonnie can be seen organizing Relay with her teammates every year. She is everywhere.

Bonnie told the Lions one of of every two people will either have cancer or be affected by it in your lifetime.

Bonnie spoke in support of her good friend, Sherry Mettlen, who is currently battling cancer.

Bonnie said she and Sherry have been working on Relay for four years. Bonnie helped run 'Relay' in Chambers County for a few years. She was quickly recruited to help with 'Relay' in Liberty County on the Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce Relay team.

She cried as she told the Lions about receiving the call from Sherry that she had cancer. She said, "It was one of the hardest things that I ever heard." She told Sherry, "What can I do?" She explained to the Lions, "Cancer doesn't know race; it doesn't know color; it doesn't know age. Sherry had cancer when she was walking around the Relay for Life track last year supporting others."

Bonnie drove Sherry to her treatment appointments. She helped raise Sherry's spirit along the way. Bonnie said, "There was no way I was going to let her think about cancer. We laughed and cut up. .. I think she is one of the strongest person I know. She keeps going and doesn't let it get her down."

Bonnie said, "Relay for Life is April 10. Be there to support the survivors. Give if you can, but be there. 7 p.m. is the survivors' lap. 10 p.m. is the Luminary eremony in honor of those who have survivied and in memory of those who have not. We support them all."


Lions Supporters, San Jacinto High Rollers named Motorcycle Club of the Year

The San Jacinto High Rollers Hardin Chapter's Doug Ford visited the Liberty Lions Club Mon., March 2 and told the Lions, "The American Motorcycle Association has over 1200 clubs and in 2014 the San Jacinto High Rollers were named the Motorcycle Club of the Year."

The Hardin Chapter is selling raffle tickets for an AR 15 223 caliber rifle, at $10 each, a total of 440 tickets. There are 15 chapters in the club and each chapter raises funds for the Texas Lions Camp.

Doug Ford of the San Jacinto High Rollers visited the Liberty Lions Club recently to tell them about the current fundraising event to raise money for the Texas Lions Camp.

Last year they presented $32,000 to the Lions for the camp.


Liberty Lions learn about CPR from Targa safety training specialist Wilbert Winkelman

Reprinted from The Vindicator

Wilbert Winkelman, the guest of Liberty Lion Larry Merritt, spoke to the club Monday evening, Jan. 5 on the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), which is a portable electronic device designed to diagnose life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient, allowing the patient to reestablish an effective heart rhythm.

Winkelman teaches 19 safety courses, including CPR for Targa Resources.

The course he highlighted Monday evening is from the American Red Cross. Winkelman said if you witness someone suddenly collapse, tap the person and ask "Are you okay?" If you get no response, send someone to call 9-1-1, find an AED and start chest compressions immediately until help arrives, (100 compressions per minute). This moves blood to the brain and moves air.

Winkelman advised, "The only think you have to learn about an AED is how to turn it on. Once you turn it on, it will talk you through the rest of the situation."

He emphasized that the machine will not shock a person unless it is necessary. The AED evaluates the person's heart rhythm, the electrical rhythm of the heart. The AED will tell you to start CPR for two minutes before re-evaluating the heart rhythm of the patient again. Winkelman said, "Do not touch the patient when the AED is evaluating the patient's heart rhythm, because it is so sensitive it could pick up on your heart rhythm." Winkelman said "If you only have adult pads to use on a child, put one on the child's front and one on the back (rather than both on the chest)."

Winkelman concluded by saying, "For every minute you delay using an AED, the chance of surviving cardiac arrest drops ten percent."


LHS Best Buddies visit Liberty Lions

[Reprinted from The Vindicator]

Liberty High School Lifeskills Instructor Janie Prather brought three of her 'Best Buddies' to the Liberty Lions Club Monday evening: Kursten Hall, Paige Mouton and Taylor Arceneaux.

Prather said they have seven active Best Buddies at the high school who donate their time to work with her special needs students. Prather said, "They give of their time. Time is one of our most valuable resources. They spend an hour a week with one of my students." Her students have disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. Some have physical disabilities.

She said, "Every day in my classroom is like a perfect world. I love my job because of the eleven special needs students I teach." The Best Buddies program provides a special friend for the student. They spend time together and the disabilities seem to disappear. A social connection is formed that was not there before.

Prather said, "The Best Buddies talk to my students like they are regular people, and they are regular people. The kids in my class think that these girls are the most wonderful thing. And, I do too."

Prather has taught Lifeskills for thirteen years, six in Liberty.

She said, "A good lifeskills program takes a lot of money."

She was able to form the Best Buddies program through a $1,506 grant from the Liberty ISD Education Foundation. The money covered five Best Buddies lunches and a trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston with lunch at the Rainforest Café.

Best Buddies breaks down barriers between the LHS student body and special needs students.

The Lifeskills students go to SpiritHorse Liberty about twice a year. They have gone to Old McDonald's farm to ride the train. Prather says they have gone to every restaurant in Liberty and beyond. She says, "My students are the happiest kids in the world."

The Liberty Lions donated $500 toward the Lifeskills Best Buddies program.

If you, or your business, would like to help sponsor the LHS Lifeskills class and 'Best Buddies', contact Janie Prather at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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