William Waldrip tells Lions about Lone Star Leadership Academy

11-year-old William Waldrip made a very information presentation to the Liberty Lions Club on his summer trip to the Lone Star Leadership Academy in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Lions helped sponsor him to attend. William thanked everyone who made his trip possible and explained the camp was to teach, through experience, how leadership traits can connect people for team building and problem solving. The students traveled to see sights for creativity, did exercises together to develop teamwork, sang and dined together. Waldrip is in the Boy Scouts and a member of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church. He is in many honors courses, band (French Horn) and wants to attend the Naval Academy to become a naval aviator and an aerospace engineer.


Keith Ming speaks to Lions on Ag Barn Project

Reprinted from The Vindicator

Liberty High School Ag Department Director Keith Ming updated the Liberty Lions Club Monday evening, Oct. 19, on the new Ag Barn which will help the high school meet House Bill 5 requirements. The 100'x100' barn was made possible by many donations, including Boomerang Tube (who donated all the pipe for the framework), Coburn Supply, Liberty Pest Control, Cooper Electric, the Ag Booster Club (who raised about $20,000 in a golf tournament last year), and many individuals. Ming said, "The only thing the school district will have to pay is a water bill and an electric bill. ... When the kids do well, it makes us feel good."  Ming has led the Ag department for 32 years. The Ag Department has 215 students this year.  The new Ag Barn will house 15 pens for hogs, six permanent cattle pens, six more if needed, seven to eight pens for goats and labs, a squeeze chute and scale, as well as an office. The welding classes are doing all the interior welding work.

Ming plans to have an Advanced Animal Science Class, which required 40% of the student's time spent in a lab setting. They will also offer a Plant Science Class in their 20'x40' greenhouse.

Ming says because many kids live in town and do not have space to raise an animal, the new barn will serve them well.

Ming says students can begin studying in the barn with small animals by Christmas.

Large animals can be in the barn by the fall of 2016, just in time for the next TVE Fair & Rodeo.

A security system donation has been committed by Rachel Odell, President of the J. C. Burnham Foundation.

Ming said Cooper Electric is donating all the labor and letting the school buy at cost for parts. Electrical work inside remains to be done.

The Liberty Lions donated $1000 toward the barn Monday evening.

Keith Ming is married to his wife, Robin, and they have two sons, Cody and Kyle.


Liberty High School senior David Brohawn building Eagle Scout Project to honor veterans

Reprinted from The Vindicator

David Brohawn, Eagle Scout Candidate with Dayton's Troop 8, told the Liberty Lions about his Eagle Scout project Monday evening. He is a senior at Liberty High School and participates in band, football and scouts. He is planning a 24'x24' construction cross formation of a walkway to surround the Liberty High School flagpole to honor fallen veterans who attended LHS.

The construction includes a granite bench under a shade tree on one side and a bird bath on the other. There will be a plaque to honor Liberty High School students who served in the military and died in service to their country.

His deadline for the project is Nov. 2. He is trying to complete the project before his eighteenth birthday to meet the Eagle Scout project guidelines of the scouts.

The Liberty Lions Club donated $300 toward his project. If anyone else would like to donate, please contact David Brohawn at 281-875-5909. Checks should be made out to his mother, Joan Brown.


Shoot for Sight Clay Shoot


Liberty Lions Flag Workshop









The Liberty Lions Club displays the American flag and/or the Texas flag at homes and businesses six times a year: Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day and Veterans Day. For $35 per year, per flag, you can share in the beauty of patriotism across the community. Call Lion Jody Regen at 936-336-7311 or 936-336-6211 to reserve flag delivery.

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